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Original Paintings & Commissioned Pieces

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece, then please contact me via WhatsApp on 07771631785 or through any of the options below.

I use acrylic paint on canvas or board and base my paintings off photographs. I often choose my colours by exaggerating the tones I already see. I find that shadows or darker coloured animals tend to have blue or purple hues in them, whereas, in lighter areas I will see pinks, yellows and oranges.

When it comes to commissions, I have a very careful process to ensure that I get everything spot on for you! If you know exactly what you would like I will try my best to match that, or alternatively, if you are struggling to decide on colours and size, I can give you my personal opinion of what would look good in your home!

I will happily take on any animal as big or small as you desire... just as long as it fits in my studio! 

Here are all of my original paintings and commissioned pieces to date - Please take a look and enjoy!

My Process:

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